An Affordable Charting Solution

Charting can be a painstaking task for nurses and aides, often times falling to the wayside. BedScribe eMAR makes charting easy, with a click of a button, so you can be confident that you have full patient care records at all times.


We Believe in Exceptional Charting,
NOT Charting by Exception.

  • With an app, phone, or tablet – medical professionals can chart at bedside with a few simple clicks
  • Real-time updates so you always have an up-to-date record of care in our cloud based portal
  • Eliminate the need for charting and record keeping at the end of shifts
  • Show the care provided to your residents exactly when it happened
  • Even if your residents manage their own medications, we have options to record that and protect every patient
  • Protection against litigation by eliminating charting by exception
  • Cost effective solutions for facilities of all sizes

An Improved Method of Charting
for a Fraction of the Price

Staff Features

  • Real-time point of care charting for all levels of staff
  • Less than 3 clicks per interaction to call for additional care, document vitals, and medication


Facility Features

  • Access live updates from all areas of care in one location
  • Share comprehensive care reports during family conferences
  • Improve care plans by utilzing an increase in data

Communications Features

  • Increased peace of mind in knowing your resident is taking medications and receiving proper care
  • Real-time updates right to your phone, tablet, and computer


Exceptional Charting is
Just a Click Away