The Full Rein App

Software Designed for Medical Professionals and Facilities

Full Rein is a Software As A Service (SAAS) platform that circumvents the need for staffing agencies by giving Medical facilities and professionals the autonomy to control employment needs with software that fits the technology of the 21st century.



The Full Rein app is an advanced, easy-to-use medical professional hiring and payroll app. Our app is designed for facilities such as hospitals, clinics, or other health related administrators with responsibilities of hiring qualified, credentialed medical professionals. Streamline all of your hiring processes into a single seamless super app.



Our Full Rein App is a software as a service (SAAS) platform that links medical professionals with healthcare facilities to streamline staffing, credentialing, recruitment and retention, communication, and payroll processes. Avoid outsourcing to staffing companies with high service fees, limited access to credentialed professionals, and complicated scheduling and compensation processes with one technological solution.

Full Features

Credentialing System

Saves time, reduce expenses, streamline verifications.


Identifies needs & benefits easily.

Scheduling System

Simplifies staffing needs, efficiently fills last minute coverage needs, improves continuity.

Recruitment & Retention

Saves time, reduce expenses, streamline verifications.

Payment Processing

Saves a considerable amount of money by paying professionals directly, utilizes services feeds and eliminates staffing agencies, tracks flow of funds.

Rating System

Enhances trust, improves productivity, provides a quality and control measure.


Simplifies communication barriers, sends attachments or addendums, saves orientation time.