Medical Facilities Can Now Recruit Professionals Easier Than Ever.

The Full Rein app is an advanced, easy-to-use medical professional hiring and payroll app. Our app is designed for facilities such as hospitals, clinics, or other health related administrators with responsibilities of hiring qualified, credentialed medical professionals. Streamline all of your hiring processes into a single seamless super app.


Credentialing System
  • Avoids time onboarding a new employee, as credientials are validated by Full Rein
  • Saves on the cost of credentialing, which is covered by Full Rein
  • Easily access an individual’s credentials from a single platform

Sends out real time notifications for shift incentives, pay rate adjustments, and unique facility needs

Scheduling System
  • Creates a reoccuring daily/weekly/monthly template for staffing across multiple departments
  • Sends notifications out to potential professionals with incentives to fill gaps as they arise
  • Receives notifications on shifts that are not being filled
Recruitment & Retention

Reduces traditional industry problems of abandonment, poaching, and loyalty

Payment Processing
  • Pays the professional directly through the app
  • Pays contracted professionals directly for a small service fee, bypassing inflated agency pricing
  • Uses one platform to order, approve, and pay professionals
Rating System
  • Views a professional’s rating and their performance at other facilities
  • Provides a star rating and optional commentary at the conclusion of a professional’s shift
  • Maintains reputable professionals within their organization
  • Has direct communication capabilities with professionals once a shift is covered
  • Reaches out to request additional documentation
  • Pushes orientation material out for a first time contractor

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