Job Search & Payroll Super App For Medical Professionals

Job hunting and organizing your schedule is now easier than ever. Full rein is an all-in-one medical professional job search and payroll app. The app offers a total solution for job searching by city and specialty, fast credentialing and onboarding, scheduling, and tracking your pay. Users can also earn residual income by referring other professionals!


Credentialing System
  • Uploads required documentation to their profile once, permitting access to any qualified facility
  • Instantly notified when credientials are validated
  • Shares their credentials from a single platform

Searches by state, zip code, or radius to find facilities and shifts that match their approved credentials

Scheduling System
  • Organizes daily/weekly/monthly schedules in one place
  • Grabs a last minute shift that fits their needs
  • Creates a routine for themselves and their family
Recruitment & Retention

Recruits other professionals and earns a percentage bonus of the total hours that their recruits work

Payment Processing
  • Receives funds directly from the app after shift validation is complete
  • Earns more independently by working directly with facilities and controlling their own schedule
  • Views payment history and recruitment benefits
Rating System
  • Views a facility’s rating and the experiences of other professionals
  • Provides a star rating and optional commentary at the conclusion of each shift
  • Works for facilities that meet their carrer needs
  • Has direct communication capabilities with the facility once a shift is accepted
  • Saves time by messaging requirements to the facility directly
  • Prepares themselves for a facility’s requirements

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